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REN XUE System

The Study of Human Life





The whole universe and everything in it transform and develop according to certain laws.


When we work with these laws, everything is happening in a natural way and life is in a harmonious state. When we are unaware of the natural laws and we go against them, we will experience problems and difficulties when trying to achieve our goals. These problems can manifest on all levels including the level of physical, emotional and mental health. 

Therefore if we want to make real progress in life, developing well being and stability so growth can takes place, it is crucial to understand and adhere to these universal laws.

The System called REN XUE has been created to help us understanding and following these laws.





What is REN XUE?


It is essentially a system that can help humanity moving forward in the most beneficial direction for the well-being of all living creatures, which is possible once we understand better the core of life.

Created by Yuan Tze, this holistic system provides the foundation for the first science in history that includes all aspects of human life. 


This system is made of teachings with sound theories (theories of Qi, theories of consciousness, theories of totality, ...), effective tools, and two disciplines to help us apply the teachings:

  • Yuan Qi Gong (Yuan Gong in short): an easy, efficient, enjoyable and safe complete Qigong system, 
  • Yuan Ming Medicine: providing self-healing techniques to help others.

REN XUE helps us to 'cultivate' consciousness, which is on a different level from 'using' consciousness. 

Many people have been using REN XUE over nearly two decades now, and the results are positive.

Health conditions have improved or cleared, levels of energy have increased, attitudes have become very much more positive and harmonious. Parents and children's relationships have reached a higher level of trust and respect and people have found that in general, life has become much more joyful, with a stronger sense of well-being and a sense of clarity, purpose and wisdom about life. Certain students have reached a high level of self-realization (see YouTube clips on Intro page).


Read more about REN XUE.

Have a pick at pictures taken in retreats or workshops. 





More about the REN XUE System


Why do we need to be working at the level of our consciousness?

For many reasons. The consciousness cannot stop the process of its activities, and the quality of a thought determines the quality of its effect. 


A positive thought leads to a positive influence, internally and externally, for the person who generated that thought. Likewise, a negative thought also has a corresponding internal and external influence. Internal and external = totality. In reality it’s not divided; there’s no internal or external. A negative thought can have a negative influence on totality. We need to be more aware of how our thoughts, speech and actions affect the internal and the external.

This is generated from the consciousness. The consciousness is the source of the things we say and do but the effect of the consciousness comes even before the words are said or the actions are taken. Thoughts themselves have their influence, prior to action taken.

To access the activities of the consciousness level, we need to feel and observe the difference between when we are relatively relaxed, calm and natural, and when we are disturbed, leading to correcting the disturbance that will also disturb life inside and around us. A complete Qigong system is a perfect tool to teach us how to get more relaxed, calm and natural and begin to manifest in a more evident way our 5 Xin (see below a link). Only 'then' the real work can begin :) Once we are on the path, it is difficult to step down, the positive results are just too satisfying, to say the less...


  • Read about the 5 XIN - Five essential qualities of the heart.
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You also could:

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- Follow the teaching rather than the teacher - 

REN XUE is offering us teachings and tools

to navigate our existence and understand the totality of life.