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Qi and Qigong




1. Qi

Qi (tchi/chee) is the essence of life, the vital force, the life energy.



Our health and wellbeing

To improve our health and wellbeing, we need to work on our Qi, by improving the amount, the flow and the quality of it. Practicing Qigong with a comprehensive, effective and safe system can help us achieve that goal. 

Yet, to improve the quality of our Qi, we need, with the help of REN XUE, to understand our mind, how our consciousness works, and how to use it wisely... 

"...If our Qi level and health have improved to a degree through Qigong practice, and our 'not so beneficial' patterns on the consciousness level have not been identified and replaced by more positive ones, then our consciousness is still at work continuing to do the same damage as before and problems or issues might come back in no time, and our life would be again out of its current level of balance..." Yuan Tze.

2. Qigong

Yuan Qigong, a discipline of REN XUE System, is a high efficiency system takes just minutes per day and can help to build a healthy and happy life. Yuan Gong exercises are easy to learn, effective and safe. 

History of Qigong

Qigong has been part of Chinese history for 7000 years, from Simple Qigong in ancient times to established Traditional Qigong to Modern Qigong.

Thousands of different Qigong systems have been developed throughout this time, such as Daoist Qigong, Confucian Qigong, Buddhist Qigong, Martial Qigong, Medical Qigong, Folk Qigong etc...


Qigong contains the essence of traditional Chinese culture and is the basis upon which Traditional Chinese Medicine was developed.

It was through the practice of Qigong that the Chinese discovered the channels, points and energy gates of the body (art of acupuncture) and developed much of the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dao and Qi, the focus of Qigong practice, are an inseparable part of Chinese civilization, being the origin and the driving force behind it.

Qigong Practice

The essence of Qigong is using the consciousness within. 

Definition in REN XUE System:

This self-training method uses the consciousness, breathing (Qi) and the body (postures and movements) to create continuous positive changes to Qi, leading to improvement of health and the elevation of consciousness, as without a good supply of Qi, Shen and Yi (consciousness), cannot have the clarity and strength to deal with disturbances.

A Qigong practice can includes both, still and moving movements, and a state of mind that can be achieved anytime, and anywhere.  

Practicing Qigong can improve the circulation of blood on the systemic level through enhancing the flow of Qi. When the amount of Qi is increased and the flow of Qi and blood improves, health conditions will improve naturally and blockages can be cleared. 

Qigong practice is the perfect tool to relax our body, and help us be natural and calm while connecting with our consciousness, and unifying the activity of the consciousness with the internal activity of the body. This unification can help to deal with the usually scattered and uncontrolled mind.

Another definition of Qigong in REN XUE: From an holistic view of the universe and human life, Qigong is a practice that can help achieve the purposes of "knowing", "changing", and "elevating" life through a training to focus the consciousness inward on the internal activity and life itself, and through work on the Shen level (Source of the consciousness), breathing, body and its applications.

In addition to personal practice, a high level Qigong practitioner can not only feel and influence the flow of Qi in their own body, but can also feel and influence the Qi of others.


"If we look in a general way, Qigong can be seen as a practice of three 'adjustments': physical adjustment, breathing adjustment, consciousness adjustment". To realize a "gigongized" life, we need to add another element to those three adjustments: cultivating the consciousness with REN XUE " Yuan Tze.


Understanding healing in life

 What should we consider for a long lasting healing to take place:

  • Deepening our understanding of Qi with sound theories,
  • Developing an understanding of the laws of life,
  • Learning how to avoid depleting ourselves,
  • Developing a self-awareness and how to be focused, relaxed and natural,
  • How to take care of our physical body,
  • Learning how our consciousness works and runs our life,
  • Taking back the control of the activities of our consciousness,
  • Developing Self-Growth, Realization and Wisdom.


- Follow the teaching rather than the teacher - 

REN XUE is offering us teachings and tools

to navigate our existence and understand the totality of life.