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Yuan Gong






Yuan Gong is a comprehensive system of Qigong with its own theoretical foundation, methods and applications.



1. Qi

Qi (tchee) is usually translated as the life force, the vital force, the essence of life or the energy force. These translations are limited as no word yet can describes the real meaning of Qi.

Everything is made of Qi - Everything is transformed from Qi. It is the most fundamental substance and the building block of everything in the universe, thus also of our body. When Qi is out of balance or depleted, health issues can arise.

Although everyone is born with Qi, we do not use it the way we could all the time (example: everyone is born with muscles, we use them in a certain way, and they develop or not to their potential).

We know that Qi is everywhere, we have all experienced it one way or another. Qi connects us. If our mind is clear and open, we are more able to feel this connection.  

Through the art of Qigong (tchi - gong) practice, Qi can be controlled and replenished.

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2. Qigong

Gong means the discipline or work we do with something. Qigong (tchee-gong) refers to the daily effort and self-discipline of the work we do with Qi.

Qigong is the basis on which Traditional Chinese Medicine was developed. It is a form of training whereby the practitioner can replenish his level of energy with Qi, while learning to direct the consciousness inward and using it positively. It can be done anytime and anywhere. 


Qigong practice

The essence of a Qigong practice is using the consciousness within. 

Definition in REN XUE System:

"This self-training method uses the consciousness, breathing (Qi) and the body (postures and movements) to create continuous positive changes to Qi, leading to improvement of health and the elevation of consciousness, as without a good supply of Qi, Shen and Yi (consciousness), cannot have the clarity and strength to deal with disturbances".

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3. Yuan Qi Gong (Yuan Gong in short)

Yuan Gong is a high efficiency system takes just minutes per day and can help to build a healthy and happy life. Yuan Gong exercises are easy to learn, effective and safe. 

This system is based on the comprehension Yuan Tze has gained over the exploration and practice of many Qigong systems and other disciplines, the understanding of the law of life and nature, especially our human nature. 

It is a complete Qigong system with nine methods in total. Once all the methods are learned, understood and more importantly applied, there is no need to continue practicing any specific Qigong method anymore. This Qigong system will grow with us, and provides us the support we need to change our ways of interacting with life events.

All Yuan Gong methods contain some requirements and theories to learn, understand, and apply while practicing. This will allow us to develop and grow as our practice is deepening.


for an overview of all the Yuan Gong methods in a pyramid.

Here is an overview of the first four methods of Yuan Gong with Kelly:

Practicing Yuan Gong is very simple, safe and efficient, and improves the amount, flow and quality of our Qi.

Yuan Gong exercises are enjoyable and can be done anywhere. In a short period of time, it is possible to find a deep inner connection with both body and mind, while in the same time replenishing our level of Qi so that our health improves, so we can develop and elevate our life.

Yuan Qigong practice make us more sensitive to all aspects of our body, circulatory system and organs.

An effective REN XUE Yuan Qigong practice is one conducted with the 5 Xin: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gongjing (True respect and humility).

Our senses become sharper. It becomes so much easier to observe ourselves and our reactions... leading to the real work... Cultivating our consciousness.


- Follow the teaching rather than the teacher - 

REN XUE is offering us teachings and tools

to navigate our existence and understand the totality of life.