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Relaxation... It is crucial




Experience what a natural flow of movements could be like,

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Understanding Relaxation and Tension


What does it mean to be relaxed?

If we were relaxed, would we still be able to have fun and laugh out loud or even jump around if we feel like it? Or would we have to stay still and be in a "contemplative" mode?  

There is a lot to learn and apply in terms of understanding what being 'relaxed' means.

Here is a short sentence that dives into the fundamental laws of life and implies a lot more than what one might read and understand at the first sight: "We create a sense of relaxation and naturalness when we don’t expect too much but are clear sighted and compassionate with each other, and this helps humanity to grow much more quickly".

A relaxed physical body goes with a relaxed mind. To relax an otherwise busy and mostly externally oriented mind could prove to be a serious challenge for most of us. However It is encouraging to know that with the right tools, we can certainly make progress to gain control of the overall activities of our consciousness.


What about tension?

It seems that in general, human beings can master this skill quite well. In fact, there are barely any tips out there to help us improve the level of tension and stress we may experience in our daily life.

Modern science helps us understand the brain functions: "one of the main problems with ongoing stress and tension, is that our 'fight-flight' mechanisms were designed for rapid action, not sustained chronic stress".

We also know that when we are stressed, one outcome is that our cortex receives less blood flow while our brainstem, cerebellum and muscles receive more. In the meantime, our heartbeat and breath accelerate and our bronchioles expand to get more air, so we can run fast, but cannot think straight. 

It is quite important to gain control of where our energy goes if we want to be successful in the direction of our life. Two components of the human nervous system  - the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses - could eventually attract our attention more often. The former is acting mostly upon our external environment ('active and alert'), and the latter is the one that focuses on our internal body needs ('rest and digest')... the fundamental base of our 'home'.






... If we could fully relax in times of rest, and keep our mind relaxed during times of action and movement.

... If we could manage to avoid unnecessary tension in our body and mind, so that the natural flow of Qi and blood could continue to help us develop our natural human potential.

Relaxation is a dynamic skill that anyone can explore.

Developing a sense of balance between relaxation and tension in our life might be easier than we think with the right tools and a good understanding of the fundamental laws of life.

There is no finish line when it comes to improving our levels of health and well-being, so taking some classes to get a sense of the space we could cultivate from inside out is a good way to open up our potential and life.


"Stability and relaxation need to be balanced with focus and attention in order to activate the necessary regions of the brain for new learning. A state of alert and quietly focused calmness is therefore a foundation practice for self-transformation".



"Being relaxed, calm and natural is the cornerstone of health and growth".


- Follow the teaching rather than the teacher - 

REN XUE is offering us teachings and tools

to navigate our existence and understand the totality of life.