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Human Nature & Patterns

in REN XUE System



It is important to develop a deeper understanding of our true nature, our human qualities and how our consciousness works. Why?


Let's have a short look at our consciousness activities: our consciousness runs our life, making "patterns"...

These patterns are created out of our specific level of understanding of what life is about and of ourselves.

We have thousands of patterns at work into our consciousness, creating and sending out information. At each moment of our existence, we continue or to reinforce old ones by continuing using them, or to create new ones, that in their turns, will be reinforced if we continue to use them as well.

These patterns become automatic responses from our brain and nervous system, taking control of the situations we face non-stop. They are quite useful, so that we do not have to think over for too long and analyzing how we should respond to life's events all the time.

All our patterns together will develop our unique reference system. This reference system, as we go on in our journey, will be deciding what is acceptable or not. Yet, when deciding what is 'positive' or 'right', everyone may come up with a different idea.

If we have some relatively positive patterns, we also have patterns that are not beneficial for the development of our life, let alone our health level. When these negative patterns manifest and are at work, they are damaging our state of mind, depleting our level and quality of Qi. If they had good reasons to be created at a certain time of our existence, maybe we would benefit later on to look at them closer, and to eventually transform and replace them with more beneficial ones, so that they do not manifest anymore in a harmful way for us, everyone, and everything.

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