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'Zi Du, Du Ren'

(Uplift yourself and help others)

Yuan Tze's teaching creates a new world of freedom and trust.


REN XUE is about:

  • Theories (see below)
  • Teachings
  • Methodologies (9 Yuan Gong methods)
-Theory of Qi.
-Theory of consciousness.
-Theory of Totality.



Do not get stuck in the tip of the horn...

Often enough, we judge a situation from a narrow point of view, but if we turn over, there is much more possibilities!


Yuan Tze REN XUE


REN XUE is a holistic system that draws upon ancient wisdom culture, contemporary philosophy and modern science to build the foundation for the first science in history to include all aspects of human life.

REN XUE draws knowledge from Traditional Chinese Wisdom Culture such as Daoism, Confucianism, Qigong, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, I-Ching philosophy, Feng Shui, Taiji, Bagua, and Martial Arts along with modern philosophy, medical science, science and technology.

REN XUE is the art and science of human life itself for further development of wisdom and harmony.

To improve our health and wellbeing, we need to work on our Qi, by improving the amount, the flow and the quality of it. To improve the quality of our Qi, we need to understand what our mind, our consciousness is, and how to use it wisely.

REN XUE is a comprehensive system ready for us to understand with simple and effective tools, how not only we use our consciousness as a human being, but how to cultivate it, so we can truly initiate changes in our life.


The importance of our consciousness 

Our consciousness is the master of our life, always at work, creating and sending out information. We use it to develop our own reference system as we go on in our journey, deciding, along with our own experiences and history, what is acceptable or not. Yet, when deciding what is 'positive' or 'right', everyone may come up with a different idea.  

REN XUE helps us to cultivate our consciousness, rather than only using it. Why?

'Cultivating consciousness' is something which is on a different level from 'using consciousness'.

Let's say that our Qi level and health have improved to a degree through Qigong practice. If our 'not so beneficial' patterns on the consciousness level have not been identified and replaced by more positive ones, then our conciousness is still at work continuing to do the same damage as before and problems or issues might come back in no time, and our life would be again out of its current level of balance.

Could it be that we should focus more on how trusting and loving ourselves than on how others perceive us?


Many people have been using REN XUE for over a decade now, and the results are positive.

Health conditions have improved or cleared, levels of energy have increased, attitudes have become more positive. Parents and children's relationships have reached a higher level of trust and respect and people have found that in general, life has become much more joyful, with a stronger sense of well-being and a sense of clarity, purpose and wisdom about life.

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