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Yuan Qigong


What is Yuan Qigong (or Yuan Gong in short)?

Yuan Gong is a comprehensive system of Qigong with its own theoretical foundation, methods and applications.

It is based on the comprehension of the exploration and practice of many Qigong systems and the understanding of the law of life and nature. 

Practicing Yuan Gong is very simple, safe and efficient, and improves the amount, flow and quality of our Qi.

Yuan Gong exercises are enjoyable and can be done anywhere. In a short period of time, it is possible to find a deep inner connection with both body and mind, while also replenishing our level of Qi so that our health improves.

Created by Yuan Tze, the nine methods of Yuan Gong are part of Yuan Tze Ren Xue Human Life Science System.

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Yuan Qigong practice make us more sensitive to all aspects of our body, circulatory system and organs.

Our senses become sharper. It becomes so much easier to observe ourselves and our reactions.