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I have received magical feedback since I began to teach Yuan Tze Ren Xue and Yuan Gong exercises and it is my pleasure to share some of them with you. A few have been translated from French. I won't put their full identities as I trust you trust me, and just a first name won't change much credibility ;)

"... Et aussi ce que tu as fait au haut de mon côté droit était franchement fantastique....une grande bouffée d'air, d'espace et de joie libératrice s'est engouffrée la dedans, j'en suis encore toute gaite! MERCI!." - Student


"Hi Sylvie, thank you very much for last nights session. It really sparked something inside of me." 


"... In January, since I was working less, I started searching for healing events and lectures around Calgary. I found a lot of great healing circles, yoga classes, meditation groups, and meetups, but I was really enjoying Qigong (learning Qigong with someone in Calgary at first). Eventually, in February, I found one of Sylvie's events and I was so happy to hear her speak. Her words were simple, but they resonated on such a pure level of truth. I was going to her practices and talks as much as I could and was learning more about Qi, not just practicing the movements..." - Student


"Thank you for your enlightening session at the  Qigong session on Saturday.  I was quite interested in your path, experiences and passion.  I was the lady who you help relieve the neck tension – in front of the group.  Thank you for the significant relief – greatly appreciated." - A person I did not know in a group presentation


"Hi Sylvie, I really enjoyed your qi info session at the library on Wednesday. I have just been practicing qi gong for a couple weeks and haven't had a real understanding of it until your session. It really helped the way you explained it to us all. I got a really good feeling about you as a teacher and a healer." - Student


"Thank you, thank you for this amazing session today. I was feeling so calm and well… I seemed so relaxed and well that a mother at school looked at me and asked what I had been doing. I am feeling lots of emotions!!! I feel like crying for all the beautiful things in my life… I can talk to you for hours!!!!!! You are a true gift in my life, Sylvie. I would say you are an angel in my life." - Student


"I have seen in you a security and confidence uncommon in everyday life, accompanied by clarity about how life works. It is evident in how you handle and see your everyday life. I immediately knew it was a place I wanted to be in myself, and was a dimension missing in my walk as a Christian believer. You attribute this all to Ren Xue Life Science, involving the practice of Qigong. Since beginning it myself under your tutelage, I have noticed physical benefits as well as inner clarity and progress in my personal issues." - Student


"Sylvie. Thanks a thousand times for yesterday’s Qigong. I adore this new method. You are really nice to share this knowledge with us." - Student


"This was the best thing i could have done for myself.  Thank you sooo much.  All my miserable mood and crabby heart just dissipated with the work and i was loving and receptive and how i wish to engage with the world, the whole rest of the day.  See you next week.  Thank you." - Student


"Thanks Sylvie for a beautiful workshop - Just wondering how much you charge for a private session - thought it would be a nice Christmas gift to our family." - Director & Osteopathic therapist, Intrinsi


"I really like Qigong. I found it to be an effective way to improve the circulation of energy throughout my body, which I truly believe is essential to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy." - Student


"Thank you Sylvie for the great workshop morning today!!!! I liked the ‘challenges’ you gave us… wow, not always easy! But it is great to be ‘aware’ of how our state can change from one moment to the other, and the more aware we are, the more we can keep this good 'state'. I was feeling and I still feel really calm and aware." - Student


"When I woke up this morning I thought, I have to tell Sylvie how thankful I am for the last Qigong [workshop] session I had with her. I really feel that you gave me the tools I needed to continue to accomplish my life mission. And I am not kidding. I feel like I am a new person, someone I wished so much to become. Before that session, I was able to feel my inner energy in a state of meditation or on very special occasions, but now I feel it, I would say, at least 80% of the time, and I am aiming at 100%! I feel more alive and so much calmer. It was clearly an awakening for me. Thank you so much for your originality and spontaneity!" - Student


"Sylvie, I really enjoyed and benefited from the visit I had with you. When can I come back?" - Student


"Dear Sylvie, when you worked on my stomach at the retreat, I had the worst pain of my life afterwards.  By the time I got home all my symptoms were gone.  I saw how habituated I was to having those symptoms.  I kept waiting for them to return.  What a great healing you gave me.  Thank you.  I learned a lot about myself. Happy Holidays." - Qigong teacher


"Just to let you know, my energy level was wonderful after yesterday's session. I'm looking forward to next week. I'll try and practice as much as possible. Thank you so much." - Student


" What I enjoyed most was the unification, where everything is slowed down to its absolute basic components and activity (I was grinning, almost laughing..., I was enjoying it so much!) - where the most basic of our existence is... I am feeling much better, but it was already starting when I got off the phone with you, and then improved as I practiced and spoke with you." - Student

"Thanks for your wonderful teaching!" - Student


"I would say that I received an essential key last Saturday with you. A part of me knew what it would be like to feel our inner energy, but I had not experienced it yet. What a gift you gave me, I feel so much more alive. Thank you again." - Student 


"Today I had a special experience with one of my old fears. For the first time, I looked at it as if it did not belong to me and I let it go away, without being emotionally touched. It was a success for me. Thank you QIGONG!" - Student


"The way some of the [participants] addressed each other right away after your Qigong session was different. There was a noticeable change in the demeanour of those who attended. The peaceful and respectful atmosphere that happened in the session stayed with us in the facility for the rest of the day!" - (care centre)  


"Sylvie, after my Qigong session with you, I could feel love inside myself, something I have not experienced for a long time. Thank you." - Student


"Thank you sylvie for an amazing workshop. I really appreciate your generous and passionate spirit. I look so forward to the Mondays classes." - Student


"I really enjoyed our conversation yesterday. I seldom meet people who are humble and yet have done lots of work on them self. I meet a lot of new age people who have strangely inflated egos. Not true self love and genuine sacred respect for others, but rather full of themselves and preachy. You are certainly not like that and it is very refreshing." - A Yuan Tze Ren Xue potential student? (smile)


"Thank you again Sylvie for an incredible experience. Amazing doesn't begin to express what you bring [to these courses] and share. We are so fortunate to have you!" - Student