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Over time, we eventually feel comfortable in our cocoon, and we get used to not living to our full potential.

As we go through our busy lives, we may have forgotten how it was when all our senses were sharpened at the beginning of our journey as a human being.

But when we stretch out of our skin and experience the amazing sensation of feeling every part of our body waking up as we improve our level of Qi, blood circulation and work on blockages in our body, then it is another life story... a new beginning. 


Why choose a workshop

workshop is longer than a regular class. These intensive practices are a good way to learn the Yuan Qigong methods and experience a deeper connection, while learning more about the laws of our human life with REN XUE's principles and theories.

What to bring
  • A yoga mat. I have extra mats for those who don't.
  • A cushion to sit on. Make sure it lifts you high enough so that you are comfortable and your body and mind can relax. There are chairs to use if you prefer.
  • Warm and comfortable clothes, including warm socks. When you go into deep relaxation, it is easy to get cold. A blanket is also a very good idea. 


Next date:

Aug. 18, 2018 - From 1 to 5.30 pm - Fee $60 - Everyone is welcome.

I will send to you the details of the venue in Bearspaw NW Calgary once you registered.

The focus of this workshop will be to connect with our heart instead of our intellectual side of approaching life.

We will talk about consciousness and practice some Yuan Qi Gong methods.

Come with us and experience a deep connection with yourself and understanding better our amazing life.


More dates coming soon.