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Private sessions


REN XUE teachings

Learning what REN XUE is about will address your whole life, from the root.

Suddenly, we can experience lasting changes and positive outcomes.

This is not easy, but the freedom and light feelings that come out of the real work is not something we can let go once we experienced it.

It is quite rewarding when life makes sense, and eventually, difficulties too.

Yuan Gong session

Everyone learn their own way.

Come to a private session and understand at your own rhythm the Yuan Gong methods:

      • Understanding Qi and what you are "really" doing when practicing Qigong,
      • Learning the movements and postures,
      • Learning the theories to prevent limitation of your healing journey and development.


Yi-Qi therapy 

The techniques used in Yi Qi therapy are powerful. Yi means consciousness, and Qi the vital force. 

Through the power of understanding the laws of life and Qi, an opened heart, true thought and with a clear intention, your true healing potential can be activated, allowing universal healing Qi penetrating your body-mind.

Yi-Qi therapists are consciously interacting with Qi, the energy field, while being around the patient's body. Therapists with a high sensitivity to Qi and with a knowledge of how to use the consciousness can direct Qi. It is important to mention that both parties, the therapist and the patient, have to work together and gain the right state with real trust and openness, so a self-healing can be enhanced, bringing positive change to Qi and health. 

A Qi therapy session will not change your life as learning what REN XUE system is about, as well as practicing Yuan Qigong methods, but it will allow you to experience a self-healing process to initiate changes in your health and let your mind relax while reconnecting with your own energy, feeling peaceful and replenished.

It is a very nice and natural way to get harmony and balance back in your life. When our Qi, body fluids and blood circulation improve, natural healing eventually happens.


Cancellation policy

You can cancel your commitment without any fee up to 5 hours before the time of the appointment. Less than 5 hours, there will be a fee of $20.