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Clarity, freedom, joy are possible when we are ready.






About me Sylvie J.Sylvie J.

My name is Sylvie Jutras. I have lived in Canada since 1997.

Every day, I continue to grow with the help of my family and, since December 2011, Yuan Tze Ren Xue.

After a difficult time few years ago, my life shifted. I was told the condition I developed was incurable.

I talked with a friend who just came back from New Zealand where she met Yuan Tze and learned about Ren Xue Human Life Science System. I began to read one of Yuan Tze’s books and began to develop a Qigong awareness. It took me less than a week to completely heal.

I am fully aware that the shift I experienced in my body was a result of the shift in my mind as well as understanding what we are made of: Qi (Vital energy). The healing happened naturally as I gained more self-worth, love and trust. I was able to give back to my cells the energy they needed to breathe again. 

I am now a qualified Yuan Qigong instructor, and a Yuan Ming Medicine practitioner certified by Yuan Tze. I have no choice but to continue to cultivate and elevate my life. Reconnecting with our body by stimulating energy flow can make a significant difference in how we perceive ourself. While improving our self-awareness, we can take back responsibility for our health and life as a whole.

A growing interest in all healing forms led me to become certified as a reflexologist and healer therapist through a unique healing school based in France: "Institut Supérieur de Reboutement - Ecole des rebouteux et guérisseurs magnétiseurs".