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Once you have felt clarity and inner joy, even for a few seconds, you cannot ignore it anymore.

The CHANGE button is ON forever. 

"There is a need to improve our understanding and find out who is really in charge of our life" (Yuan Tze).






Create your own life


Do you feel depleted or stressed? 

Many of us feel that life is something that happens to us.

Events and situations make us feel good at times, but more often we feel tired, angry, anxious, sad or worried and eventually illness arises. We feel rocked by unpredictable waves and we have no choice but to hang on tight, and keep going at any cost to our health.

When we understand the true source of happiness - those moments when we feel joyful, peaceful, vibrant - as well as the reason for our negative feelings, we can start to take control of our health and life.

We can choose how we respond to events around us and create the life we really want.


Illness and Qi

In modern western societies we tend to give up our power and seek external solutions to our health problems. Some of these solutions can be the best option at the moment, but we can also consider additional approaches.

In other societies such as China, people understand illness differently and use other concepts to explain it. One important concept they use is QI (tchi or chee). They define Qi as the most fundamental substance of everything in the universe, thus also of our body. When Qi is out of balance or depleted, health issues can arise.

Through the art of Qigong (tchi - gong) practice, Qi can be controlled and replenished.

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What is Qigong?

It is the basis on which Traditional Chinese Medicine was developed. Qigong is a form of training whereby the practitioner can replenish his level of energy with Qi while learning to direct the consciousness inward and using it positively. It can be done anytime and anywhere. 

Yuan Qigong (Yuan Gong in short) style of Qigong was developed by Yuan Tze to fit with our busy lives. This high efficiency method takes just minutes per day and can help to build a healthy and happy life. Yuan Gong exercises are easy to learn, effective and safe. 

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Why working on our consciousness is important  

Our consciousness is the master of our life. To observe and take back control of our consciousness is the solution if we want to prevent problems from coming back and continuing to damage our life. We create our own blockages (e.g. blood flow reduced by stress) most of the time by treating ourselves and others in unhealthy ways. But controlling the activity of our consciousness might be difficult unless we know how it works.

Practicing Qigong allows our body and mind to experience a calm, relaxed and natural state. While in this state, we are more sensitive to our thoughts, actions and reactions and can identify unhealthy habits or patterns of our consciousness easily.

Yuan Tze REN XUE Human Life Science created by Yuan Tze, is a comprehensive system that can answer any question we have regarding the law of human life and how our consciousness works, and how we affect not only ourselves and others, but our whole environment.

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If you would like to improve the quality of your life, ask yourself if practicing the art of Yuan Qigong can help you, while learning to cultivate your consciousness with REN XUE.


Some Information on this website is used with the permission of Yuan Tze Ren Xue Center.